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50,000 Twitter Followers Short Story

50,000 Twitter Followers Short Story

Re:Zero Starting Life In Another World

Commemorating the breakthrough of 50,000 Twitter followers

Tappei Nagatsuki – short story


Emilia: Hey, Subaru! Big news! The official Re:Zero Tweeter account has reached fifty thousand fowllowers! …Can you explain what it means?”

Subaru: “No way, that’s great! You know, this is a big deal, Emilia-tan!”

Emilia: “Oh really? This is a good thing?”

Subaru: “50,000 followers… In other words, this is the number of people who’ve fallen in love with you, Emilia-tan! This many followers would make an incredible reinforcement troupe for the upcoming royal selection! The influence of anime is amazing, huh? This means that our E.M.T circle is growing! The pen IS mightier than the sword!”

Emilia: “Sorry, but you’ve lost me…”

Felt: “…You two talk really loudly, what are you guys up to?”

Subaru: “Hey, Felt. You got here just on time. There’s something we want to tell you…”

Emilia: “Hee-hee. The Re:Zero Tweeter account now has 50,000 fowllowers. We’re reaaally surprised by it all.”

Felt: “You sound just like a kid that wants to use a word she’s just learned. I don’t know what this Twitter thing is, but who is doing what, where, and how?”

Emilia: “Um…Where? Who? How?”

Subaru: “Stop that! You’re making Emilia-tan’s head spin with all your questions! Look, Twitter is a community tool that exists in a cyber world.”

Emilia: *spluttering*

Felt: “Look what you’ve done! You’ve overcomplicated this and now there’s smoke coming out of Emilia’s ears!”

Subaru: “Uh-oh… But you know, Twitter is a really great… Never mind! It’ll be faster if I show you instead! Here, take a look at this metia!”

Emilia: “Wow, there are so many moving pictures and words! How jaunty.”

Subaru: “Um, we don’t really use that word nowadays… Anyway, this metia can be connected to Twitter which can connect you to lots of other people.”

Felt: “Huh. Look, it sounds really great and all… But what’s the point of it?”

Subaru: “It’s important to connect with others, even for you, Felt. If you had to go looking for the whereabouts of Old Man Rom, wouldn’t it be easier for you if you could ask around at the press of your fingertips than to physically search for him?”

Felt: “What kind of analogy is that! Anyway, I’ve noticed that you’ve become pretty attentive to Emilia lately…”

Emilia: “Oh, I would like to say hi to all the people who have become my fowllowers. It’s reaaally amazing and a lot to take in with 50,000 fowllowers, but I’ll do my best on Tweeter!”

Subaru: “Look at that face! E.M.T! But that’s a big job, it’ll take you three days to say hi to everyone.”

Emilia: “I guess that means I should reaaally hurry and get to it. I’ll work hard at it!”

Subaru: “You’re so adorable! I want to cheer you on, but the metia’s battery is about to die! Argh! This is so annoying!”

Felt: “You’ve made a huge deal out of this, and in the end you just want to say hi to them? Good grief!”