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Chapter 16 – The Healer Plots

Chapter 16

The Healer Plots

Just in case, Keyaruga had activated the [Kokushigan] before diving. Its high mana consumption meant that he couldn’t use it all the time, but its unparalleled predictive abilities were well worth the cost. Had he not been using it, he would have been shot down by the [Cannon Hero], Bullet. 

As expected of his teacher, Bullet. It was a perfect surprise attack that managed to completely counter their ambush from the sky. Somehow, even without the knowledge that they could attack from the sky, Bullet had prepared a fatal counter for such a scenario. However, the [Kokushigan] allowed Keyaruga to stay one step ahead and avoid the fatal attack completely.

Freya: “Keyaruga-sama, should we not follow up that attack and finish them off?”

Keyaruga: “It’s fine, we’ve already killed enough. With only this many people left they will have no choice but to stop marching and retreat.”

Freya: “You’re so kind, Keyaruga-sama.”

Keyaruga: “Not so, it’s just that we shouldn’t take any unnecessary risks.”

The purpose of the ambush had already been achieved. They might as well have annihilated that entire army, even if a soldier wasn’t wounded, they had witnessed the overwhelming power that they possessed. Better yet, they would serve as a warning that to march towards the Dioral kingdom was to march towards death.

Politically, it would give the Dioral kingdom some breathing room and tip the scales in their favour. Considering that they were aiming for a ceasefire, displaying excessive brutality would not aid them politically; plus, they had already achieved what they had set out to do. As well, as a kind-hearted person, he could overlook a couple of stragglers.

After returning to the castle, I immediately reported everything in great detail to Ellen and the military officials. I tried to include every possible detail: range, raw power, the result it had on the army, potential weaknesses and counters; I reported everything possible in order to ensure that Ellen can figure out the best way to make use of this bombing tactic. Ellen is a much better strategist than me, so she’ll be able to devise plans I couldn’t even dream of.

Ellen: “Keyaruga-niisama, thank you for working so hard, this attack should deter any future large scale military invasions. This bombing tactic alone could guarantee us victory.”

The military officials present attempt to argue against Ellen’s logic and suggest that the Dioral Kingdom should remain vigilant of potential military invasions, however, Ellen is correct. After all, no country would deploy a large army against the Dioral Kingdom after having witnessed the destruction their bombing magic is capable of causing. Once you look at it from the perspective of the other countries, it’s actually pretty easy to see why: they don’t know when or where the bombing might come from. As such, it would be nothing short of suicide for them to advance a target as big as a large army towards the Dioral Kingdom.

Not to mention, the main road can longer be used; the bombing caused the ravine to cave in which blocks the path of anyone who attempts to use it. They would either have to make an extremely large and roundabout detour, or they would have to remove the rubble blocking the path. Either way, regardless of what they choose to do, it would take a much longer time for them to invade. And for every second that they are delayed, there is a much greater risk of them being bombed. Furthermore, either option would cost them a small fortune, either in construction costs or costs for additional army provisions. As well, they will be unable to deploy an army until they find some kind of countermeasure to Freya’s bombing magic. 

Ellen: “Keyaruga-niisama, please consider staying at the castle for a while. Since the countries cannot mobilize an army to invade us, they will have no choice but to try to assassinate us with a few elite soldiers. We should only use the bombing tactic if the enemy refuses to enter negotiations. If you killed one of their heros it means that they still have two heroes left. (TL Note: well, it’d be three if you count Bullet). I need your power to be here, defending the castle.”

Keyaruga: “Freya, Ellen, for a while you’re going to have to sleep with me. All that matters is that the two of you are safe, the others are replaceable. As long as there is light in my eyes I will not allow anyone to kill you.”

Freya is this country’s nominal ruler while Ellen is the de facto leader, as long as these two are safe, this country will continue to function. 

Ellen: “With pleasure, Keyaruga-niisama.”

Freya: “Of course! But, it’s not just sleeping, right? I’m looking forward to it!”

The two of them intertwine their arms with mine. They’re both feeling pretty good this time so I’m going to give them plenty of love in bed, the sister donburi is one of my favourite combos.

No, I’m going to mess around for a little bit before that. This is the first time I’ll be doing Ellen in a month, I’m not going to wait until nighttime. 

Ellen: “Kyaa! Keyaruga-niisama, what are you- ‘border even exceed thing without five thousand soldiers’ destruction

Keyaruga: “Why are you making a strange sound? Please continue with the military debriefing.”

Ellen is in such a position that from where I am standing, beside her, I can mischievously touch her from behind without anyone noticing. Ellen makes a very cute display of desperately attempting to try and hide it. Once the military debriefing is over we can enjoy our momentum. Previously, I didn’t have the time to play around like this, but Freya’s bombing magic has completely changed the situation.

Four days have passed since then. The three countries that tried to invade us have not shown any signs of military movement, but a lot of information is coming up, it seems that the three countries that tried to fight the Dioral Kingdom are in a hurry.

After all, 5000 of their soldiers had been destroyed before they even crossed the border and those that survived will be useless, even if they weren’t injured, the terror and fear that the bombing had inspired in them would incapacitate them. 

Through our intelligence network, we have confirmed that the three countries have rejected the idea of outright invading the Dioral Kingdom. Well, anyone with two brain cells to rub together could figure out that it wouldn’t be a good idea to invade them.

Had I offered a ceasefire agreement before the bombing, the three countries would have laughed in my face. But with this bombing technique, I now hold 90% of the power in negotiations. (TL note: I know it’s an idiom but I can’t really express ‘my negotiation power is 10 to their 1’). Right now, the other countries are probably thinking about how to protect their own capital from being bombed. Now it’s not just the soldiers who are concerned for their lives, but also the top brass of the country. The aristocratic class in those countries have already moved their lodgings and property from the capital to other places, and it’s no wonder why, after all, there is no way to protect yourself from a threat that comes from the sky. 

Ellen: “Up until this point, I had only thought of using the bombing magic as a mere military tactic, I hadn’t thought about using it as a strategy during negotiations!”

Ellen says astounded while organizing information. The bombing tactic can no longer only be defined as a military tactic that affects only one individual battle, it has single-handedly turned the entire course of the war and completely prevents any kind of invasion of the Dioral Kingdom while also being the greatest offensive option they have. As well, the bombing has forced the other three countries to enthusiastically agree to a ceasefire and open up negotiations. It cannot be overstated how significant this bombing was in turning the tide of the war by putting the other countries on the defensive while completely negating the need for the Dioral Kingdom to prepare any kind of significant defense.

Keyaruga: “As Ellen says, its effectiveness cannot be overstated, it’s almost frightening.”

When we had been fighting the transcendental opponent of the Dioral King who had received power from the black god, Freya had only been able to support us from the sidelines. However, her abilities really shine when dealing with large groups of enemies such as the army that was marching towards the Dioral Kingdom. No one else can obliterate 5000 troops as easily as she did.

Freya: “I’m a little shy that you are complimenting me so much, but I’m glad to help you in whatever way I can, Keyaruga-sama!”

Lately, Freya has been in a pretty good mood. It seems she was concerned that she wasn’t helping out as much as the others but it seems that her worries about that have been resolved with this.

Keyaruga: “Ellen, it seems there was some movement from the other countries.”

Ellen: “It would appear so. It seems as if things are moving along quite nicely. Although, I had already been preparing for an attack from those three countries. I had been talking with another country that is hostile to those three countries about a war against those three, we should aim for where they are spread thin.”

It’s an unpleasantly effective tactic. I can understand why Ellen had said it was a trump card. Ellen’s strategy is terrifying, a country is not something that can just simply be manipulated; I wonder what kind of negotiation she had to do in order to get that result, I’ll have to ask her to teach me someday. I guess the enemy of my enemy is an ally, after all, they would be much more reliable than some fair-weather friend who may decide to step out. 

Keyaruga: “Have they begun?”

Ellen: ”Yes, they have started to make preparations for war. It was rather expensive to do, but the three countries can no longer afford to be hostile to the Dioral Kingdom.”

Keyaruga: “That certainly makes things interesting, even if they try to attack the Dioral Kingdom, not only will their soldiers be afraid of being bombed, they will also be unsure if they can even protect their own capital. As well, they will be completely screwed if they get into a war with another country.”

The bombing alone would have been insufficient to guarantee victory in negotiations, but with Ellen’s strategy, it is impossible that we walk away from this worse off.

Freya: “But Keyaruga-sama, you shouldn’t have to bother with this kind of thing, if we just go bomb their capital it should all be over.”

Keyaruga: “If we just wanted to win the war that would be a fine strategy. But if we did that, we would be finished, politically. All the other nations would be frightened of the Dioral Kingdom and think, ‘Are we next?’. Then, we would inevitably be at war with other countries, and it wouldn’t stop until we control every human territory. Ellen and I need a place to talk, not just with the three countries, but with as many countries as possible. We need to tell every country that the Dioral Kingdom is a benevolent country that wishes for peace and prosperity for all.”

When you’re only an individual, it’s fine to only think about winning the battle. But when dealing with countries, what’s far more important is what happens after the battle. Even if a country were to win a war, it is possible that at the end of the day they will have gained nothing and have actually lost a lot, on the contrary, it is possible for a country that has been defeated to walk away with more than they had before. Victory or defeat is only one aspect of war, and only a third-rate midwit would be unable to see past that.

Freya: “Well, I guess it is a rather complex topic.”

Ellen: “Hmph, that’s my job, unlike everyone else who has extraordinary fighting power, this is the only way that I can help Keyaruga-niisama.”

Ellen laughs a lonely laugh after saying that. I pat Ellen’s head and reassure her.

Keyaruga: “There’s no need to be so humble. Your talents have had more of an effect on this war than killing a million people would. I need you Ellen, you should be proud of what you do.”

Ellen: “Thank you, Keyaruga-niisama.”

With moist eyes, Ellen asks me for a kiss, and I respond to her feelings. If not for Ellen, I wouldn’t have even tried to acquire the Dioral Kingdom. 

Without Ellen, it would have been too cumbersome to manage a country as large as the Dioral Kingdom and I would have already abandoned it. Each of my women have their different merits. While I was thinking that, a messenger hurriedly rushed into the room breathing heavily.

 Messenger: “Just now… a messenger from the Grantsback Empire just arrived… and we have secured our position at the negotiation table. It’s just that… the negotiations will be held within the territory of the Grantsbach Empire. They have also requested that princess Flare, the representative of the Dioral Kingdom be present during negotiations.”

I look at Ellen and we nod to each other. So far, everything is going according to plan. During negotiations, we will have to insist that the Dioral Kingdom is merely a Kingdom that wants peace with its neighbours.

The fact that we have only used the bombing technique defensively and sued for a peacefire means that the three countries will be unable to make a strong claim that the Dioral Kingdom represents a threat to humanity. That we are even going forward with discussions means that all we have to do is apply a little strategy and we will have won. 

But, there are concerns. It’s safe to assume that the three countries are planning on attempting to assassinate Princess Flare or Freya in order to eliminate their greatest threat. Oh well, it was inevitable that there would be slight disruptions. 

In fact, it is just for that very reason that I will continue to pursue my goal. If someone wants to commit the sin of trying to damage my toys or my property, they better be prepared to pay the price.

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