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Arc 1: Volume 1
Arc 2: ePub (N/A)
Arc 3: ePub (Maybe someday!)
Arc 4: Volume 10 | Volume 11 | Volume 12 | Volume 13 | Volume 14 Volume 15
Arc 5: ePub (68-73 have been removed)
Arc 6: ePub (55-88 have been removed)
Arc 7: ePub (Up to Chapter 20)

Sources: WCT | Summary Anon | Translation Chicken

Re:Zero Side Content: ePub (Contains everything currently available)

Sources: Witch Cult Translations’ Side Content Doc | Re:Zero Reddit Translation Status Page

Map of Re:Zero 

Ringo has asked me to remove his translations from my compilations, so chapters 55-90 will be removed from the arc 6 compilation, and chapters 68-73 will be removed from arc 5’s.

Note: Only ePubs are available now. If you want another format, use Calibre or another similar program to convert it. Also included now are the bonus short stories for each volume! Limited to arc 1 and arc 4 for now, however! Stay tuned for more!